Scott Devereaux manages the background investigations division for MILLERGROUP. Prior to joining the MILLERGROUP team in 2003, Scott was a law enforcement officer and is a California POST-certified graduate of the Orange County Sheriff's Academy, solidifying an essential foundation in criminal law, rules of evidence, court procedures and community relations.

In addition to his background in law enforcement, Scott has extensive private sector experience in interrogating suspects, debriefing informants, and interviewing witnesses and victims in cases involving investment conspiracy, corporate fraud and corruption, industrial espionage, internal theft, workplace violence, armed robbery, arson, deadly assault and attempted murder.

As a specialist in due diligence investigations for two decades, Scott has performed extensive research and conducted thousands of in-depth investigative interviews for major production companies, largely for reality television projects, as well as pre-employment investigative services for our largest corporate clients. He is regularly called upon to offer his expertise in managing large-scale research projects and to assess and mitigate risk in complex background investigations.

Scott is also a Senior Field Operative for MILLERGROUP. His field experience includes personally conducting over ten thousand hours specializing in covert operations, particularly physical surveillance, undercover assignments and intelligence gathering cases. While utilizing high-tech video, still-image and audio surveillance for a wide range of cases (including embezzlement, extortion, stalking, media privacy, counter-espionage, insurance fraud, child endangerment, missing persons, tort claims, municipality liability, armed robbery, narcotics trafficking, hedge fund fraud, and art theft), Scott specializes in sensitive nationwide surveillance cases that involve suspects of stalking, harassment and threats.

Scott has also provided armed escort and close protective services for public figures, including high-profile celebrities, heads of state, cabinet-level U.S. officials, foreign dignitaries, top executives, principals of high net worth, news journalists, stalking victims and other at-risk individuals. He has served in joint task forces with the U.S. Secret Service and FBI on numerous black-tie security details for special media events across the country, from major red-carpet ceremonies in LA to Presidential protective details in NYC.

Scott offers a rare and valuable combination of skills, training and experience in both public and private sector investigations, which make him an indispensable asset to the MILLERGROUP investigations team.