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MILLERGROUP provides risk assessment and mitigation services to television networks and production companies involved in producing reality television programs. We provide consultation regarding the extent and limits of background investigations, develop comprehensive "control" applications, guide clients in the process of selecting areas of inquiry, and we have set new standards for accurate, liability conscious reporting. In some instances, we have been called upon to evaluate the work of other investigation professionals and to correct their errors.

The following provides a more detailed description of these services:

  • Consultation to frame our client's expectations as to public vs. private information sources, the availability and accuracy of relevant data and other records, third party response time, and jurisdictional considerations. In addition, we develop a sense of our client's budget, time considerations, and any other issues affecting the process. We then work together with our clients and their attorneys to create an investigation plan to meets their needs.
  • Control Applications - to expedite the investigation process and increase research accuracy. Based on the ideal applicant profile, we provide information as to the availability of information to assess persons with specific educational, professional, and occupational backgrounds. In addition, we assist in preparing control questions that maximize response information and address multiple areas that might be precluded if posed by third parties. This is one of the most important, yet often overlooked assets to the due diligence process.
  • Selecting Areas of Inquiry to ensure our clients are fully informed as to all relevant areas of inquiry available to them. Clearly, the areas of interest regarding persons who will be performing a single stunt during a half-hour program will be less than for persons who will be aired daily or weekly over a season and/or who will be living together in a moderately supervised environment.

In addition, where marital status or number of minor children may be a serious issue in one program, the accessibility of military fitness reports may be more critical in another.

Having had the benefit of investigating persons from countless walks of life, we are uniquely qualified to consult in this area.

  • Accurate and Liability Conscious Reporting to protect clients where allegations are made to suggest inaccuracies or even discrimination. Our style of reporting has been lauded by law firms and by in-house counsel for their clarity and liability conscious construction. We don't simply reprint volumes of raw data and other information. Instead, we review and evaluate each piece of data and where requested, we provide our clients with an ongoing analysis of each applicant's background.

In addition to these services, we are also committed to being uniquely accessible to our clients. We are available to answer questions or address concerns, discuss the progress of the case, accept information, and access resources, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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