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From large high-profile weddings and intimate social gatherings, to specific security threats, MILLERGROUP professionals strive to provide clients with peace of mind. Our presence ranges from highly visible to operating below the radar. No matter what the situation, we are always on heightened alert for anything that may pose a threat or hazard to our clients.

Our management understands the event planning process, and we are very sensitive to our employees being courteous and professional when dealing with you or your guests. They are tasked with meeting MILLERGROUP's own stringent expectations, while providing you, our client, with a secure environment.

MILLERGROUP's highly skilled and trained agents have provided security solutions on behalf of big and small corporations, production companies and other entertainment-related organizations, as well as at-risk individuals, such as victims of stalkers or harassment by aggressive paparazzi. We firmly believe that the best protection for our clients is based on thorough advance planning and coordination with our clients, as well as our liaison with law enforcement. We continually strive to not only meet, but exceed our clients' expectations.

We are always on call, and will respond 24 hours a day to assist you with any security concerns. Our goal is to inherit and embrace your security related issues, then go about resolving them while you go about conducting business, or living your life, normally, with the knowledge that we are providing you with a level of security most other security organizations cannot provide. 

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