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Due diligence background investigations are an essential part of many risk mitigation processes as they provide decision makers with critical information with which to evaluate individuals and business transactions. Failing to perform appropriate background inquiries has placed many businesses and other entities in positions of extreme financial liability and resulted in injuries to and loss of reputation.

Since 1995, MILLERGROUP's investigators have utilized state of the art resources and processes to provide critical background information and business intelligence to attorneys, corporate executives, financial institutions, business management firms, television networks, and others.

In the area of individual due diligence, our clients regularly request investigations to assess the following issues:

  • External candidates seeking high-stakes internal positions.
  • Internal executives seeking promotions to more sensitive posts.
  • Sub-contractor consultants working on temporary, yet information sensitive projects.
  • Applicants for placement in reality television productions.

In many cases, our investigations have substantiated claims of individual integrity and corporate stability. In others, we have developed evidence revealing undisclosed civil litigation, criminal histories, conflict of interest activities, financial instability, inflated assets, hidden liabilities, and overall questionable business practices.

Some of our more commonly requested due diligence services are:

  • Pre-Employment and Executive Audit Investigations - In depth customized background investigations to assist in pre-employment, pre-promotion, and interim evaluations involving high level, sensitive positions.

  • Television Production Risk Assessment and Mitigation - Customized background investigation programs to assist in the evaluation of persons seeking to participate as contestants, guests, and performers on reality based programs and various talk show formats. MILLERGROUP's efforts in this area have been instrumental in reducing the risk of negative publicity and financial liability to both networks and production companies.