Brendan joined MILLERGROUP in 2015. For many years running his own attorney services firm, Brendan consistently provided specialized litigation support services to law firms, district attorneys, and sole practitioners. As a Registered California Process Server, he has successfully served thousands of subjects in civil, criminal and family law matters. Doctors, lawyers, celebrities, corporate tycoons and politicians, at one time or another, have met Brendan unexpectedly as he confirmed their identity and effected personal service.  Evasive subjects are met with creative techniques tailored specifically for them.

Brendan's years of hands-on experience have provided the opportunity to learn virtually all aspects of court procedures in federal, state and local jurisdictions in California and nationwide. He has helped firms legalize subpoenas from California cases in out-of-state jurisdictions, where witnesses reside or have relocated to, in order to make compliance with the subpoena enforceable. Having built a strong reputation with legal professionals across the country, locating subjects in any state, then successfully serving process is Brendan’s specialty, along with document location and record retrieval.    

Brendan has performed detailed review and investigation of all types of court records, county recorder documents, secretary of state corporate filings and more, both locally and out of state.

With MILLERGROUP, Brendan has worked extensively as a field agent and surveillance/counter-surveillance investigator in the most sensitive matters including intellectual property enforcement, real estate fraud, child custody, financial elder abuse, attorney misconduct/state bar investigations, and human trafficking. Maintaining anonymity, blending into an environment and absorbing as much data as possible is where Brendan thrives.