Beige Luciano-Adams is an invaluable asset to MILLERGROUP's background investigation team. With an extensive skill set in investigative methods both online and off, Beige has been responsible for handling research particularly relating to the surface web (i.e., social media, periodicals, etc.) as well as content buried within the deep web not found using standard search engines or terms. She takes a creative approach to investigation, thinking outside the box while employing rigorous research methods and meticulous attention to detail. Specializations include background research for unscripted television production, public records requests and media analysis. An experienced journalist and strategic communications expert, she has worked extensively overseas, throughout the Middle East, Europe and Africa. She has written for a variety of publications, directed communications for state government officials, and provided strategic guidance, intelligence and written content for political and grass roots campaigns. She earned her B.A. in Humanities from Sarah Lawrence College, and her M.A. (with distinction) in International Development, Human Rights and Social Justice from the Institute of Social Studies at The Hague, The Netherlands.